The Beach

So Bru, how did your beach hike go?

Well, not bad I suppose.

Where did you go?

Ag, just a short walk from the Boere Bahamas to Brenton.”

The Boere Bahamas?

Ja, Buffalo Bay man. We packed a light lunch and left at 8.

You? A light lunch? What’s happening to you Bru? Has Doris found your sensitive side?

My pack was a little heavier than the rest because I took a case of frosties.

That’s more like you Bru. And, was it hard going?

No not really. I finished half my beers before we started walking. The others had snacks and sandwiches and energy bars and stuff. And can you believe it, water?

So did you enjoy the walk? Not very exciting was it?

Well not at first, but then it got a really hairy.

What do you mean?

Well, the guy from the NSRI said that we should have checked the weather forecast before we planned our walk.

The NSRI, how the hell did THEY get involved.

Well, you see, they picked up Doris and brought her back to the beach afterwards.

After what?

Well, like he said, we should have checked the forecasts.  apparently heavy swells were predicted.

But you were hiking.  How could heavy swells have affected you?

Oh they did boet, they did.



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