Self-Help for Dummies – Chapter 3

In Self Help for Dummies I threatened to serialize the outline of this book. Here is the draft of the third chapter.


Chapter 3 How to stay focused. Wow, did you see the rugby this weekend?

Right, here we are, walking confidently around with our ladders or ropes (or our rope-ladders for you bright-sparks out there). What we are actually doing, is expecting to fall into another hole. And guess WHY we continually fall into holes?

Because we are UNFOCUSED.

Have you ever watched how a rugby player kicks a ball over the posts from a set kick?


  1. He places the ball carefully on the ground with some sand or a stand, aiming it in his preferred way towards the poles. He looks at the poles, he looks down at the ball.
  2. He now walks backwards, always keeping his eye in line with the ball and the poles.
  3. He stops, looks at the ball, and then moves his eye in an arc from the ball, to the poles, and then back to the ball.
  4. He runs up, keeping his head down, not taking his eye off of the ball, and kicks it.

What can we learn by this?

When we set ourselves a goal, focus is probably the most important tool in our armoury.

We need to know exactly,

  • What we want to achieve. (kick this ball over those poles)
  • Where this goal is in space/time. (30m away, 15 seconds from now)
  • How we will achieve this. (kick it in the right direction, with sufficient power)
  • What the steps are to achieve this. (place the ball, move back, run up, kick)

Where focus comes in, is to keep the steps in ORDER.

Your homework for the next week is to set yourself a short term-goal, and document it in exactly the same way that we have used in this rugby example. Now follow the steps in order, but most importantly of all stay FOCUSED on each step, but never lose sight of the ultimate objective. Keep the objective (poles) in you mind’s eye, but DON”T LIFT YOUR HEAD.

Be Good



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