Mystery eNaTIS hacker revealed.

Hey bru, check this out. How do I look?

What’s with the black hat chop? You look like a pimp.”

It’s my new image bru. Since I got turned down for that Mars trip, I’m re-inventing myself.

As what?


But you’ve never owned a computer in your life. What do you know about hacking, apart from when you’ve smoked too many Camels?

I’m taking a course, and I’ll be specialising in Security.

And I suppose you’ll be wearing that stupid black hat to the course?


So what exactly will you be doing as a hacker?

Well I practised on the eNaTIS web site last night until the lecturer caught me, but tonight I’m going after the big one?


What big one?

SA Breweries !!!

What the hell do you want to hack SAB for?

Remember that competition they ran with free beer for a year?

Yep, we drank ourselves clever collecting tops, and still won nothing.”

Well I’m going to change the results and get us free frosties for LIFE.

OK, what program are you using to hack SAB?


It’s very powerful and a bit hush-hush, so I really shouldn’t be divulging it to civilians.

Ja, but I’m your bud man. What’s it called?

Microsoft Word, but PLEASE, keep this to yourself.


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