eNaTIS – once again down the rabbit hole.

Reports emerged this week that the eNaTIS system had been hacked. The Department of Transport then denied the breach, and stated that it was “only” their public website that had been hacked. They went on to say that, “the suggestion that eNaTIS was hacked is actually laughable.

This is a most dangerous red flag, as anyone remotely connected to the hacker community will confirm. No computer system anywhere in the world is “hacker-proof”, and this will now be construed to be a direct and public challenge. The DoT spin-doctors who were hard at work during the initial roll-out fiasco, have once again put their collective foot in it, but this time Synaptoman predicts the consequences will be FAR more serious.

I would have worded the press release in the following terms;

The Department of Transport confirms that our public web site was defaced, and wish to assure the public that we are doing everything in our power to prevent a re-occurence.

Short and sweet and to the point. Vague enough, yet re-assuring enough, but most of all admitting a breach and throwing down no gauntlets.

I refer you respectfully to this link.



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