You CAN… with a Donkey

Picture this. Coca Cola sponsor an annual soft drink “shoot-out”, where tasters sample a selection of soft drinks in a blind tasting. Coke banners and posters dominate the venue. Coke advertisements screech out their happy message in 30 second intervals from the PA system. Free samples of Coke are handed out to all-comers.

Nervous representatives from the sponsoring company hold thumbs, sweating profusely in their branded red t-shirts. The tasting begins. It is a fair and concise tasting with a mix of participants ranging from 4-year-olds to an old codger of 87. They taste the samples off-the-shelf, with ice, without ice, ice-cold and for those over 18, with a spirit of their choice. The scorecards are collected and the judges retire to collate the results.

Harsh words are heard from behind the scenes, and the judging takes ages. After over half an hour, a small, bespectacled man, nervously clutching a clip board, shuffles up to the microphone.

“And the winner, for a record 6th year is………………………………Pepsi Cola.”


* The above “shoot-out” is purely fictional and did not take place other than in the seething, beer-addled, fertile mind of Synaptoman *


Impossible you might say? Think again. For the 6th consecutive year Nissan has won the Toyota 1000 Kalahari Desert run. Toyota came SO close, but their 4 litre, 4-wheel drive, Toyota Hilux, hit a donkey a mere 50 km from the finish line, to hand victory to rival motor company Nissan. The 4 litre. Nissan Navara, driven by Vos and Leeke took line honours, and dashed the sponsoring companies hopes of their first victory since 1999. Other manufacturers who have “gate-crashed” Toyota’s party are Ford and Mitsubishi.Ag Shame !!!


* The above race did take place, sorry Toyota !! *


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