Register your Windows

Hello, is that Microsoft?

Yes sir, how may I help you?

I’d like to register my copy of Windows XP please.

Certainly sir, could you read out to me the 164-digit Product Key?

Ahh, Product Key? Where do I find that?

Easy sir, it’s printed on a tiny sticker and printed in the teeniest font we could find. You should find it stuck to the most inaccessible part of the computer.

That may be a bit of a problem.

Problem sir? Are you physically challenged in any way?

Well not exactly, but the computer is not with me.

Where are you calling from sir?

Ahh, Moscow.

Could you phone a colleague near the computer, get the Product Key, and get back to me?

No, that would be difficult. This is a most urgent request, couldn’t you just register it?

Oh no sir, that would be impossible. I’m just following instructions on a computer screen. this is all pre-programmed in the States you know?

What, where are you then?

Oh, I just work in a Microsoft call centre in Bangladesh.

Well listen to me. My name is Yuri Angropozowitch. I am the head of the Russian Auronautic National Commission for International Development (RANCID), and I demand that you register this copy Of Windows.

Sir, my name is Sani Moonsammy, and I am a junior call center operator earning $3 a day, and there is nothing I can do unless you give me the Product Key. And also I must remind you that this call is being recorded for quality purposes.

I don’t care, I have a computer problem on a $100 Billion space station about to crash into the earth because your F#ck@ng Operating system has stopped working. Put me through to your supervisor.

Sir, I work from home. My supervisor is not even in Bangladesh.”

I don’t give a shit, just put me through, I have a crisis here.

Certainly sir, going through.”

Heello, wellcum to Microsohft, my name ees Sipho, I aam thee supervisa, how may I be of eexcellent sehviss to you?



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