There are more Questions than Answers

Why do we have body parts that we don’t need (appendix, tonsils etc.)?

How does the toothpaste stay striped, even after I squeeze the tube?

What would Princess Diana have gone on to do, if she hadn’t been killed in that car accident?

At what stage in an animals evolution does it start developing beliefs such as “life after death”?

What do dogs dream about?

Why do white people want to tan, and black people want to lighten their skin?

Why do we never learn by our mistakes?

Why are people with glasses perceived to be more intelligent?

Is there a correlation between the size of ones feet and the size of ones………….?

How far would the earth have to move outside of it’s orbit around the sun before all life on earth would cease to exist?

If there was a God, who created him?

Was the Industrial Revolution actually good for humanity in the final analysis?

If you had precisely a week to live, what would you do?

What are the actual origins of taboos? (eg incest etc.)

What will my town/city/country look like in 100 years time (or 1000 years)?

Would you rather be very rich and very ugly, or very poor and very good looking?

If you could be told the exact date and time of your death, would you want to know it?

Where do socks and pens go?

Please use comments to answer some of these pressing questions. 


5 Responses

  1. Where do socks and pens go?

    Socks and pens disappear into a parallel universe. There, they are the dominant lifeforms. They have been at war with one another for a great many years. The socks and pens we see in this universe are the pacifists and conscientious objectors.

    If you had precisely a week to live, what would you do?

    Retire. And not sleep.

    How does the toothpaste stay striped, even after I squeeze the tube?

    From here: Aquafresh is made of three components, Murray said, an aqua gel, a red gel, and a white paste. During manufacturing, filling equipment injects all three materials into the back end of the tube simultaneously and then seals the tube up. Since each material is of a different consistency, they remain separate, so that if you cut the tube open, you would see three bands of color running from the back end to the nozzle. When you squeeze a little toothpaste onto your brush, each band contributes a bit to what’s extruded, so that you get the same red, white, and aqua stripes on your bristles that you do in the tube.

  2. Reg Pens and Socks
    You see it works like this:As we get older we develope cracks wrinkles in our perseption of reality and this is where socks and pens and small vital springs on smaller little things we took apart disappear to.I feel this is a much nicer concept than admitting that you flushed your sock while halve asleep and washed your pen with the dish’s which exsplains all the knifes and forks in the stationary cubboard and that things fall off your fork(pen) before reaching your mouth when eating.My most reacent act of after party silly was to put the paper plates in the sink.I assume the idea was to soak them for easier cleaning.

  3. Duh people, stripped toothpaste stays stripped because of Bernuli’s principal. Its also how airplanes fly. Go Highschool physics!

  4. Bernuli’s principal reads: When pressure is applied to a fluid (air, water) in an enclosed environment the pressure is evenly distributed throughout. Poke a ballon to see it in action!

  5. Hi Olivia,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.


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