My Ideal Day

Hey it’s my Blog, so surely I’m entitled to some indulgence? I saw a joke once about an ideal day that involved eating steak for breakfast and having sex with multiple big-breasted blonde bimbos on a plane to Las Vegas. While that may seem appealing, it’s unlikely to happen, so I’ll keep mine a bit more realistic.

I’ll slowly wake with the sound of birds, the first rays of sun sneaking across the bedroom. The temperature will be an ideal 18 deg, and a cup of strong filter coffee will miraculously find itself into my hand, thanks to my doting wife, who will then stand by for any requests (this is a family blog you know?).

I’ll shower and shave. the water will be piping hot, the bar of soap new, the towels numerous and hard, and the razor blade sharp. I’ll sing along to some of my old Dire Straits songs. There will be no missed calls or SMS’s on my cell phone.

I’ll dress in clean, stiffly-ironed jeans, not too new and not too faded. I would have selected them from a pile of 20 identical pairs in my cupboard. Ditto for a clean white t-shirt, socks and a pair of polished brown CAT’s.

I’ll kiss my wife goodbye and proceed to my garage and open the door. My two cars and motorcycle will await me, clean and new-smelling. My garage will be untouched from when I last left it, every toool and implement clean and in it’s place.

The drive to my office will be short and pleasant. The road will be completely devoid of taxis, trucks or busses that make a noise or emit diesel fumes. I will not be accosted by street sellers or beggars, as the traffic lights will all be green.

I will start my day with a smoked salmon omelette, muffins and another cup of strong filter coffee in my favourite coffee shop, the Old Gaol Cafe’, Knysna. Maybe a glass of orange juice. All the daily newspapers (new, pressed, unread) will be at my elbow.

At my office, I’ll check the news and my email on the Internet. There will be no spam, and the few emails I recieve will be from close family and friends with good news, achievements etc. or from clients thanking me for my good service, placing massive orders or asking advise.

My cell phone will ring a maximum of 5 times during the day. Like my email, they will be from close family friends and clients with only good news. My Internet connection will be lightning fast and consistent. I will have at least 10 pens (that work) and 2 or 3 new exam pads of paper on hand at all times. I will spend the morning programming (successfully), testing new technology (which will work first time) and conducting research for my book, of which I’ll write a chapter or two.

At midday I’ll hit the gym, and after a brisk workout, 20 minutes in the sauna, and a shower I’ll have a light lunch at an outside restaurant, probably at a small boat harbour, and watch the people and the yachts. It will be sunny and warm, and I’ll smell the sea.

I’ll have a short “power nap” after lunch, and revitalised, call on some clients to fetch orders, chat and give advise.

After work, I’ll have sundowners with one or two good friends and chat about politics, life, the universe and everything. We’ll discuss rugby at length and the Springboks victories in the TriNations and World Cup specifically.

I’ll head home, and after some “quality time” with my talented children, change and have a quiet, intimate dinner at a bistro with my wife. Ravioli Pasta or sushi or Peri-Peri chicken depending on my mood. We’ll head home, I’ll spend some time in my extensive library, with a glass of good red wine and then to bed where my loving wife will, once again, be standing by for any more special requests.


4 thoughts on “My Ideal Day”

  1. I’ll have a think about my ideal day and post it, probably tomorrow.

    Your day sounds good. Interesting that you went to work, or are you one of those people who love their job? My hubby is one of those…

    Go the Springboks!

  2. I only realised that after I’d posted it, so maybe I should have called it, “My Ideal Work Day.” But yes, I do love my job (if you could call it that). Maybe I’ll do another post soon entitled, “My Ideal Weekend.”

  3. When no one sais a negative or angry word for a whole working day. When wot comes out of the mouths of those I deal with is wot they mean and wot actually happens.When folk tell me how good I am at what I do and then when I get home and work out that it was a profitable day on top of it————- thats a perfect workin day.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> And sadly its usually out off peoples mouths that spoil it.

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