He needs to Wax

Mr Balfour sir, I have Mr Shaik on the line.

Oh no, what now?”

Sir, he wants to be released.

Is he mad, he’s still got another 14 years and 5 months to serve?

Sir, he says there are compelling legal precedents.”

What legal precedents? He has to do the time.

Sir, he says it’s a US case and the prisoner was released on these grounds.

What possible grounds could he produce to release him so soon?

Sir, he says that in the US case Paris Hilton was released to wax and moisturise

What, is he mad?

Yes sir, and he has a rash on his belly and he thinks he’s suffering a nervous breakdown.

But doesn’t he understand, they sent her straight back to prison again?

Yes, I think he knows that sir, but he deperately wants to get out for an important International event.

Oh God, I don’t even want to start to guess. What event?’

World Naked Bike Ride, he’s even sent you a video here


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