Geek Games

Yes, yes, I know golfers earn millions, as do top International sports men and women in most popular events, but did you know that more cerebral games also take place and are keenly contested?

Here is a list of some events that really get us geeks going;

Robot Competitions

If you’re not too busy this weekend, why not design and build a flying robot that can;

search for a toxic waste dump, map the location of partially-buried randomly-oriented toxic waste drums, identify the contents of each drum from the hazard labels found somewhere on the outside of each drum, and bring a sample back from one of the drums– all without any human intervention whatsoever

And that’s just the easiest of four missions !!

Could earn you up to $60 000, but then again you’ll be up against some of the top college teams in the world.

Read more about the International Aerial Robotics Competition here


The ultimate rocket building competition is without doubt the X-Prize. All you have to do is build a rocket and send it in to space (manned) twice within two weeks. Easy? Sure, and if you succeed, the prize is $10M.


In the 90’s a computer programming competition called Droege was held. The competition, in which programmers from all over the world raced to complete a real world application using the language and platform of their choice within 14 hours.

It was held annually for several years in Durham, North Carolina. Over 200 independent software developers from across the country and round the world competed each year for cash and prizes.

It was won (and in fact all of the top places were dominated) by teams using a Rapid Application Development tool called Magic eDeveloper. The rules were changed on many occasions on the request of competing tool vendors but they were unable to unseat Magic from the top spot.

The competition was eventually cancelled, according to the organizers, because other software tool programmers were no longer willing (or able) to compete with “Magicians”.


Fancy yourself as a chess player? Why not enter the M-Tel Masters chess competition. According to their website 600 players per second are entering the live game section.

The total number of visits of the page is expected to reach more than 1 200 000. And yes, the prize money is BEEEG.

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