My Shit List

Picked up this idea from Jules. The idea is to list ten things that really piss you off. Being an opinionated SOB this is a doddle for me. See if you agree;

  1. Littering. Yep number 1. I can’t stand the way some people will unconsciously just toss down a piece of paper or a wrapper. Worst is, they actually don’t even realize they are doing it. Then, you also get entire KFC boxes of bones tossed out of the windows of taxi’s travelling at high speed.
  2. Minibus Taxis. These rolling coffins driven by psychopaths who have zero respect for the traffic laws or fellow drivers should be banned. The historical empowerment motivation in South Africa for this industry, is far outweighed by the bloodshed and mayhem that they have caused.
  3. Fat parents with fat children who are always eating. They emerge from supermarkets with packets of crisps almost finished, pies half eaten, their little piggy eyes twinkling with the pure ecstasy of a “snack in progress”. No fat-free food for this lot. Spot any family eating while walking, and 9 out of ten times, they’re FAT.
  4. Spam. No I do not need V**gr& (see I can’t even mention the word here. I’d be flooded with spam within minutes) Who are these people? Does anyone actually order this crap over the Internet from them?
  5. Bureaucracy. I don’t give a shit if your system says the boxes have to be crossed and not ticked. I’ll damn well staple the supporting documents to the form. I do not have a friggin paper clip. Who cares?
  6. Parents who don’t buckle their children up in the car. Bring back the death penalty. Hang them. What are they thinking?
  7. Power Failures. Catch a wake up, Eskom. Every time Koeberg “trips” the economy loses millions. What is so difficult about predicting our power requirements? Take a spreadsheet, enter the last 10 years usage. Plot a graph and then just extend it. Hellooooo.
  8. Racism. I fought the Apartheid system and the White Nationalists (racists), and I now find myself fighting the Black Nationalists (racists). Can’t we all just live happily together? Why should I be ashamed to be a White South African male? Why can’t I get a job or a contract in the “Rainbow Nation”.
  9. Australian Sports Teams. Sorry guys, but your cockiness, confidence and inflated opinion of yourselves just pisses me off. Yes, it is because you win most of the time, and yes, I’m jealous and it’s my list.
  10. People who harm children or animals. I am passionate about this point and cruelty towards the defenseless is inexcusable.

OK, I’m done. Please comment freely. I’d like to hear what you’d add to(or remove from) this list.


2 thoughts on “My Shit List”

  1. Great list and thanks for doing the tag 🙂

    I can relate to every last one of yours. I haven’t yet experienced the ineptitude of Eskom, being out of the country but I hear it’s a real problem. It isn’t rocket science, they should be able to sort it out.

    You should try being in Australia as far as the sports teams are concerned. I suppose the commentators have to support their own but they say some pretty mean things to the opposing teams, and when they happen to be Saffers it’s a bit hard to take sometimes.

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