Shaik-ing for Paris

Mr Balfour sir.

Yes, what is it?

Sir, I have the American Ambassador on the line.

Tell him I had nothing to do with it, I’ve never even been to JFK.”

No sir, he’s enquiring about the state of our prisons.”

What in heavens name for?”

Sir, he says you have more experience in these matter than they do.

What are you talking about.”

Sir, the way you handled the press so professionally with our high-profile case.

Well, what does he want to know?

They are requesting a prisoner swop sir.

A prisoner swop? Who do they want?


Sir, he said they’d be able to accommodate our celebrity prisoner in the style to which he’s accustomed.

But this is unprecedented, why would they want to have him in their custody?

They say they’ve learnt from your experience with the press and they can handle it now.”

But what do we have to do?

Sir, we just have to look after their prisoner.

Well that can’t be that bad can it?

Well sir, about the prisoner…


Mr Balfour, sir, are you OK?


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