Our Hillary

The prospect of a Zuma presidency is too scary to contemplate, especially if rumours of Gaddafi’s contribution to his election campaign are true. I think we should all immediately start putting forward as many alternative candidates as possible.

As much as I’d like to see Tokyo (you’re fired) Sexwale elected, I am sure that he’ll face a major uphill battle against COSATU and the rest of the lefties in the ruling party. Also, his name sounds more like a rude Japanese Cocktail that I once ordered in a karaoki bar.

I have been following the Hillary (don’t talk about Monica) Clinton campaign in the States with interest. If elected, she will be the first woman president of the US. What really interests me about her candidature however, is that she was previously First Lady.


Now I know that technically our very own Winnie (don’t talk about Stompie) Mandela, was never First Lady, but she is the ex-wife of our beloved Nelson, so the similarities are there for those who look for them.


I know this is really naughty, but could you just picture Winnie leading the ANC, with Helen (God) Zille Leader of the Opposition?  Man, that could easily make the Jerry Springer show.


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