The Cold Front in Plett

So bru, how was your trip to Plett?


How so?

Well it all started off OK. I think the problem was flying from Cape Town with that new budget airline.

What happened?

Well the pilot sounded pissed and every time the plane lurched he announced that it was turbulensh.

And then?

Well they have a very small landing strip in Plett, and we sort of missed it.

No way, was everything OK?

Ja, it worked out fine, we landed quiet close to the beach.


Well at least you got a bit of sun, didn’t you?

Actually about 15 minutes, and then the cold front came through.

It couldn’t have been that bad, could it?

Bru, it was freezing, the cops even closed the road down to Main Beach because of the snow.


Shit man, I’m sorry to hear that, and Doris, did she enjoy the trip?

She loves going away, it gets her in the mood you know, but then she want’s all that kinky stuff.

Kinky stuff? <wink> <wink>

Oh, you know, like doing it outdoors, the excitement and all that.”

So what’s wrong with that?

The cold front bru, the cold front.



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