Mystery SA Blogger revealed

Ms Patricia de Lille
Independent Democrats
Cape Town
24 May 2007

Dear Madam


Calls by you, and presumably your party, to regulate blogs and the bloggers who, in your words, “…..can with impunity slander and defame individuals and organisations they do not like“, have been brought to my attention.

In the ongoing war against dark forces, and to protect the very rights that you and I both hold dear, it is vital that we resist the temptation to tamper with a system that allows the free and full expression of opinion that our Constitutions seek to protect.

I have, for a few years now, used this very system in my quest for a fairer, more democratic world order. It has become necessary, sometimes even against the wishes of my closest advisors, to adopt numerous, anonymous identities, and campaign for, or against causes that I personally feel strongly about.

The Blogosphere gives me a forum, free of the constraints of editors and advisors, to truly express my opinion, without the legal consequences I would face in other more reputable print and electronic media.

Insofar as the blog with slanderous comments about a famous rugby player, a respected reverend in the church and a prominent entertainer, I must confess that I am the author, but in mitigation I must say that in my enthusiasm for a cause (which would bore you), I probably over-stepped the mark somewhat. Would you also convey my sincerest apologies to your colleague, Mr Simon Grindrod.

As a child, I enjoyed Fancy Dress Parties, becuase it gave me an opportunity, if only for a few hours, to be someone (or something) else. I really immersed myself in these roles, as I do these days. The Blogoshere gives ordinary people the power of respected columnists, but also allows the powerful to “get down with the people”.

Yours Sincerely

George W. Bush


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