eSpin. Down the rabbit hole.

I landed with a jolt at the official eNaTIS website, ears ringing with tales of 6 hour queues, threats of burning and violence, lost car sales amounting to billions, and an overwelming cry of “we told you so”. Even the Auditor-General said he’d warned the Transport Department in February that the installation of the eNaTIS system would be a disaster, but Minister Jeff (blue light convoy) Radebe appears to have mislaid the report (or it flew out of his cars window at 180km/h).


But here, at the epicentre of the hurricane, all was calm and serene. I was soothed by sentences such as,

The eNaTIS user community has taken advantage of the fact that eNaTIS is now operating fast (sic) and that a 100% availability has been achieved since 8 May 2007.

Paragraph headings that caught my attention said;

  • Sustained good performance
  • eNaTIS transactions surge
  • One million transactions reached

Meanwhile, the muffled sounds of chanting, breaking glass, and burning could be heard from outside.

The newspaper headlines screamed;

  • Parties want answers for eNaTIS failure. Independent Online.
  • Give us answers on eNaTIS. Citizen.
  • eNaTIS system keeps crashing. Sunday Times.

And the website calmly answered;

eNaTIS surpasses 12 transactions/second

Wow, are we describing the same system here? With the 4th database server being installed in less than 4 weeks, the developers are now blaming Telkom. I knew it was their fault all along. Or even better still, let’s blame Microsoft<spit>.

And then, the most interesting Paragraph Heading of all;

eNaTIS web site looking for journalists.

Is there a Spin Doctor in the house ?



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