There is hope

Just as I’ve started to get used to losing hair, it would appear that hope is out there. In breaking news, scientists have reported to be able to make the skin of laboratory mice gives rise to new fully working hair follicles complete with new hair by using a protein that stimulates follicle generating genes in skin cells under wound conditions. Read all about it here.

The secret, apparently is to gently wound the skin of the scalp, and then the skin regenerates rather than heals. Regeneration grows brand new hair follicles !!

One problem is that the hair is completely colourless.

Here is an image of my Second Life Avatar. (don’t laugh)


Am I right in understanding, that if someone hit me over the head, as the bruises healed, I’d sprout a brand new head of (colourless) hair?

Wow, I think I’ll watch the rugby at a pub in Pretoria this weekend, and shout for the Sharks. Who knows, maybe in a week or two, I’ll have hair like Percy Montgomery?


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