The Conspiracy.

Quick, we need to get out of here.

Wait, I’m not finished, this cable is thick.

I know, but we’ve done the job, now let’s move.

It’s no point leaving the cable lying around. It must look like a theft. Help me roll it up.

Are you mad, it’s almost 200m long.

I know, and it’ll take them ages to replace, and they’ll get sued, and we’ll be famous.

Yes, but I really don’t see the point of all this.

It’s simple, we steal this cable so they can’t build new schools. Dughh.

How the hell did you work that one out?

Well, when the electricity goes out, they’ll be sued, and then they’ll have to pay out of money that they could have used to build schools.

Oh, I see, like economic sabotage?


But why are we cutting the electricity to Germiston? We live there.

Aha, I’m glad you asked that question. That answer is elementary dear Watson. It’s so they won’t suspect us.

But what about Doris?

Mmm, I didn’t think of that.



National Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi said the theft of power cables, which had resulted in power cuts in many areas, was an organised plot to “pit communities against the authorities”.

Selebi was speaking during a meeting with the National Council of Provinces’ select committee on security and constitutional affairs on Friday.

“I have reached a conclusion that it is highly organised and is not only organised but also has got certain goals including economic ones,”

Selebi said Germiston, east of Johannesburg, had the highest incidence of cable theft.

He said the recent power outage in Bedfordview – which lasted three days – had resulted in direct and consequential damage claims against the Ekurhuleni Metro municipality.

“This means that money that should have gone towards building a school is paying for the criminal activities of this well-organised criminal grouping.

“We will look at it in that sense because I think it is bigger than individuals stealing cable wire for the sake of stealing,” he said

Sunday Independent


Last week, I promised to report back on the Paris Factor

A graph is better than a thousand words. Here’s a graph of the hits to my blog after last weeks story about Paris Hilton etc.


Not just a dumb blonde ?


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