The Paris Factor

What is a celebrity? According to Wikipedia, “a celebrity is a widely-recognized or famous person who commands a high degree of public and media attention. The word stems from the Latin adjective celeber meaning famous or celebrated.

I believe that celebrities are an important element of our social lives. Without celebrities, our mundane lives would be intolerably boring. A celebrity certainly doesn’t have to be Internationally recognisable, and could even be a local in our small village who get’s caught streaking on camera at the local rugby match.

From the celebrities perspective, I’m not sure what the motive could be for wanting to lead one’s life in the glare of publicity. Money, fame, exhibitionism?

Let me demonstrate the power of the celebrity machine. This blog chugs along with a regular readership of about 40 loyal readers a day (thank you, thank you). At time of writing I’ve had 1956 hits. A good day would be over 50 and a bad day under 20.

OK, let’s start the engine. (the accelerator words are in bold below)

“Hotel Heiress Paris (look at me) Hilton has been sentenced to 45 days in prison for flouting a driving ban. A Los Angeles judge ordered Hilton to spend time behind bars after she violated her probation for a previous traffic offence by driving without a valid licence. Hilton had been placed on three years probation earlier this year for pleading no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving

Some idiot has even started an online petition called to petition the California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for a pardon. It claims she is being used as a scapegoat to highlight the dangers of drunk-driving.”

The above alone would automatically double the hits to this site. If one wanted to get really sneaky, you could just add some randiom stuff like;

Taxi Driver was a 1976 movie starring Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster who played a child prostitute.

I could then just waffle on about the Paris Hilton Sex Tapes, and random stuff about Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe, two other famous blondes.

For some obscure reason, South Africans also want to hear all about Steve Hofmeyr and Jacob (kanga) Zuma. And let’s not forget Helen (God) Zille.

I will report back to you in tomorrows blog regarding how hard we revved the “celebrity machine”. The Paris Factor has huge marketing implications, and as much as we try, we cannot ignore the knock-on effect of this blonde bimbo.



2 thoughts on “The Paris Factor”

  1. I still wonder about partents who name their child after a hotel, even if they did own it. How about Tshwane Sheraton?

    South African celeb culture has never been the same since Brenda Fassie’s death. She even reached out from the grave to write graffiti on newspaper placards.

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