In awe of Multi-Taskers

You’ve seen them before. A telephone at each ear, writing a note with one hand, while typing furiously on a keyboard with the other, between sips of coffee. Rolled up balls of paper tossed effortlessly into the bin. All this, whilst holding a perfectly rational conversation with you.


Wow !! And I really mean WOW. Synaptoman cannot, and never will, master the art of Multi-Tasking. Even an interrruption during some work throws me completely. I don’t just lose the 5 minutes of the interruption, I have to back-track about 20 minutes

My best claim to multi-tasking fame, was being stopped by a Traffic Officer in P.E. a few years ago. I turned a corner (with my knees of course), right into the long arm of the law. I was not wearing my safety belt. Oh, and also, I was talking on my cell phone, writing a note in a pad on the passenger seat, and eating a burger and drinking a coke. None of the above was being done very efficiently, I might add, and the traffic cop rubbed his hands with glee, like a shark in a feeding frenzy. He had to hold my burger and coke, while I got rid of the person on the cellphone. Who know how, butI got off with only a warning.

It is said that women are better at multi-tasking than men. It probably comes from child-rearing. Stir the pot, sweep the floor, make the beds and stop the toddler from leaving the cave and falling prey to a sabre-toothed tiger.

I suppose men had to just hunt and gather, but not at the same time. I think it was more a case of, “OK, honey, I’m off hunting today. Tomorrow, I’ll be gathering. ”

We just hunted, and then stopped hunting to run when something started hunting us. Then we gathered, you know what I mean………………..


These days the ultimate multi-tasking tool is without doubt the TV remote. We can sit in one place, and do numerous things with our TV and VCR, albeit not at the same time. We can even increase the volume when our multi-tasking wife wafts past with the vacuum cleaner. “You missed a spot there, dear.”


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