Eish, it’s broken.

Eish, thees ground is hard.


Thees ground ees HARD.

I can’t hear a thing, switch the jackhammer off.


Switch it OFF !

Yes, what ees eet?

Aren’t you drilling a bit deep?

No, she said to plant the camera pols so she don fall over.

But, what if we’re drilling into something important?

There ees nuthing here at the side of the road, I’ve berried theengs here before.

Ok, maybe just a little deeper.

Eish, I theenk we have a problum.

Oh shit, what now?

Ees oil, a taxi must have been here. They change the oil you no, end berry eet……

Forget it. Quick, cover it up, we’ll dig somewhere else.


Power has finally been restored to Bedfordview, East of Johannesburg, including the vast East Gate shopping mall after a three day outage, SABC news reported on Thursday morning.

Technicians mounting CCTV cameras along the R24 Highway, had drilled too deeply into the ground and damaged the Eskom cable buried one-and-a-half metres down, under a concrete slab

As a result the cable had started losing oil. The line tripped when the oil pressure got too low.


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