South Africa’s annihilation by arch-enemy, Australia in the Cricket World Cup, Semi-Final yesterday really is the last straw for many local supporters. What is wrong with our teams? And more importantly, why, with all our talent, do we look so nervous and uncertain against Australian teams? Is it their aggression? Their confidence?

Without for a minute taking anything away from Australia, I believe that our sportsmen and women are the equal of their opponents as far as skills are concerned. We just lack that confidence and belief in ourselves.

I know that I am going to get shot down in flames here, but I firmly believe that a lot of our sporting problems stem from our Governments obsession with all matters racial, and their constant meddling in the racial composition of our National sporting teams. The “quota” system is the laughing stock of the International sporting community, and I’m sure the Australian selectors rub their hands with glee every time we pat ourselves on the back for meeting our prescribed “racial quotas’.

Watching the various National teams compete in the World Cup, do you think anyone, other than our ever-vigilant ANC polititians, gives a shit what race the players are? All we see is Green playing Yellow, Black playing Blue. I could’nt care less what ethnic group the players belong to. Their skills, and ability to bring back the silverware is all that matters.

The Cape Argus, April 5, 2007, really got it on the money when they said “White racists and race-obsessed, self-important ANC functionaries deserve each other. We should lock them up in their own homeland while the rest of us get on with our lives.”

SA Cricket’s, Gerald Majola, got a pat on the back from the chairman of the parliamentary committee on sport, Butana Komphela <spit>, for getting the prescibed 7 or 8 “players of colour” into the SA squad for the World Cup.  How many of them were actually used?  Who was left behind to accomodate them?  The Australians used the entire depth of their squad to compensate for injury and the very occasional lack of form.  We just used our top line players until they cracked from the pressure.

Now Komphela <spit> is lobbying the Minister of  Sport to withold the passports from our rugby squad, if it doesn’t meet the quota targets.

I predict an even bigger disaster at the Rugby World Cup.

South Africa sportsmen “chokers”?  I don’t think so, just politically-pressured and over-managed.





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