Newtopia – Final Instalment

In Welcome to Newtopia, I introduced a rough outline of a plan for a self-sustaining community of 50 households. In the three instalments that followed, we considered our energy needs, our food production, and last week discussed the makeup of our population.

In this final instalment I am going to try and bridge the gap between talking about this self-sustaining community, and actually making it happen.

As mentioned previously, we would need approximately 100HA of fertile land and 50 talented families. The land could be found right here on the Garden Route in South Africa, but re-zoning it from agricultural to mixed use would be problematic, unless we could convince the Ministers of Land Affairs and Agriculture that our community would be a working example of Self-Sustained Living. Unfortunately, our project is doomed to failure in this regard, because it would be immediately labelled “elitist” and “non-representative” of the demographics of our country.

I suppose we could find the land, Establish a Private or Public company, attract investment from 50 local and foreign partners, and just buy it at this stage, but there are real obstacles to overcome. Another idea would be to establish a farm with one farmhouse and 49 “farm-workers” cottages, but I’m sure the Authorities would soon see through this when we start building a school, library, bakery, brewery etc.

The land itself would only cost about R10m – R20m ($1.5M – $2.8M) if that. This works out to a mere $30 000 – $56 000 per family !! An idea might be to initially establish a database of interested parties, listing their CV’s and family details so that if an opportunity arises in the future, we could plan further.

The kind of land we are looking for would be something like this

Oh well, no harm in dreaming.



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