Space Colonies

It was Prof Steven Hawkins who said that our only hope for survival, as a species, was to colonise space. Now I’ve done a fair amount of thinking in this regard, and have encountered nothing but obstacles. I have no doubt about the technology, the rockets, the complex computer systems and navigation. The weak link, as I see it is, the human body.

The real cool (well, yes literally too) places to go would required many years of travel, even if we could somehow find a way to travel at the speed of light. A 30-year old astronaut would be 50 before he arrived at any really interesting places. I don’t think a group of space explorers would last a year in a confined space like a space ship, before succumbing to “Cabin Fever” and carving each other up. No, this method just won’t work.

How then do we send the people (and animals and plants for that matter) hundreds, or even thousands of light years away, when our physical life-span is still only 100 max at present? Easy, My preferred method could send all the humans, animals and plants to their destinations thousands of light years away, all in a container the size of a matchbox.

How? We don’t send the actual adult life form, we send unfertilised eggs and sperm (or seeds). The “Space-Ship” will actually be a fertility lab which will fertilise the human eggs and raise the children born at their destination. These “Adams” and “Eves” will live in artificial bubble colonies on their new planet, while they re-create a suitable atmosphere, the same way that we are currently trying to patch the hole in our ozone layer. The animals and plants will be fertlised for the first time, and raised, as and when they are needed.


These organisms will adapt rapidly to their environment, as they were “born” there. I believe that a human who is born at say, moon gravity and knows no other, will walk on the moon quite naturally and not bounce around like Neil Armstrong and Company.

Where do we travel to then? Well any direction will do really. We just send out probes every year. The space ship will travel until it finds a planet with potential. We will have pre-programmed criteria for life, as we know it, to survive, and when our probes find a planet matching these criteria, down we go and start the process.


Every couple of million years, all life as we know it, is wiped out. Steven Hawkins is quite correct. There is no other alternative. We need to send these seeds of life out into the universe, and the sooner the better.

I intend expanding on this idea in the future. Any comments would be greatly appreciated


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