Newtopia – Instalment #4

In Welcome to Newtopia, I introduced a rough outline of a plan for a self-sustaining community of 50 households. In this instalment we consider the structure and the composition of the population.

As mentioned earlier, we need skilled people rather than just community members. We have to assume that we do not have the luxury of calling in outside contractors as the concept of “self-sustainability ” assumes that we have the in-house skills to handle almost anything.

I envisage the membership of Newtopia to be in the form of a Sectional Title ownership, whereby the member owns a piece of ground within the community (on which his house is built) and a 1/50th share of the communal land and improvements. The community could be structured as a Public Company so that the shares are able to be sold and transferred, but with strict conditions for membership.

The following criteria for membership may apply;

  • Financial ability to afford the initial and ongoing costs.
  • Skills that we need. (this would apply to husbands and wives or singles.)

Temporary membership to singles who want to work in return for food and board could also apply.

The following is a more expanded list of skills needed;


Doctor, Dentist, Pharmicist, Nurse


Cattle, Dairy, Sheep, Chickens, Aquaculturist., farm labourers.


Baker, Milk/Butter/Cheese maker, butcher, fishmonger, brewer.


Bricklayers, tilers, labourers, electricians, mechanics, plumbers, IT specialists, gardeners.


Teachers, child-minders, librarian.

Sports and Recreation.



With 50 permanent households, this would mean, say 80 Married/Co-living Adults and 50-75 children. Single adults permanent and temporary say another 30. Total population 170 people. We should be easily able to fill all of the positions above.

Children will be provided with hands-on training in all of these skills and will, later in their school careers choose a specific field of study and be apprenticed in this field. Those wishing to study further at higher educational institutions will be encouraged to do so, and then return to the community if they wish.

A land size of 100HA starts to emerge. The one obstacle locally, is not so much the availability of the land, but the re-zoning aspect. All local Agricultural land to be re-zoned to Residential has to have the personal approval of the Minister of Agriculture, which is not easily given. Also, our Self Sustaining Community is neither strictly Agricultural nor Residential.

Buildings that we will need will be;

  • Houses for families (Married/Co-living with /without children.
  • Singles Village (apartments for permanent as well as temporary singles.)
  • School
  • Library
  • Medical Surgery.
  • Gym,
  • Food Block (Butcher, Baker, fishmonger, brewer.)
  • Admin block.
  • Dairy.
  • Numerous farming sheds and vegetable and fish tunnels.
  • Priovision would also have to be made for accomodation for retirees.


At this stage it is stressed that this community should not be seen as just another “Elitist” Golf Estate, but rather as a working community, and a model for sustainable living.

PLEASE comment. Any ideas will be published.


2 Responses

  1. You’ve done a lot of thinking about this.

    I’ve often thought of something similar, but not in that kind of detail.

  2. what about a pub !!

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