Welcome to Africa

Last Tuesday, South African Transport Minister, Jeff Radebe, launched the National Road Safety Project. In his speech he stated that one of the major causes of road fatalities was speeding. Immediately thereafter, his convoy with blue lights flashing, roared off, allegedly attaining speeds in excess of 170km/h.

These “blue light” convoys literally force other motorists off of the road in their headlong rush to their destinations. On Sunday a convoy of Jacob “kanga” Zuma apparently even resorted to pointing firearms at motorists to force their way through the traffic on the busy N3 highway in Kwazulu-Natal.


Who do these idiots think they are???

I suppose we should be thankful that we don’t have to pull off the road, get out of our cars and lower our eyes when one of these calvacades barrels down on us. This is what is expected in Harare when Mad Bob Mugabe <spit> passes.

OK, here’s the official Government comment;

  • Article 176 of the Traffic Control Act says police officials “may disregard traffic signs in the execution of their duties”.
  • The president, his deputy, cabinet ministers and deputy ministers, premiers and MECs do not drive their own vehicle.
  • Qualified members of the VIP unit – which is part of the police – perform that duties.
  • Convoys are allowed to exceed the speed limit if there is a security risk.
  • There is a constant security risk, so the convoys are always allowed to speed, disregard traffic laws and flash their blue lights. Oh, and point firearms at motorists not immediately pulling over.

Welcome to Africa. Cheers


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