Damned Statistics

Hee, hee, hee, old Tony “brown-nose” Blair has finally put his foot in it. At the Callaghan Memorial Lecture in Cardiff last night, he spoke out about ongoing gang violence in London that has just claimed it’s seventh young victim.


In a hard-hitting speech, he urged Britons to drop the facade of Political Correctness and face up to the reality, that gang violence in London is predominantly a “BLACK” phenomenon.

The evidence was there to see. Each of the 7 victims so far this year have been black teens, and each and every one of the alleged murderers have also been from the black community. OK, you South Africans, stop sniggering. Yes, I know our statistics would have been more like 7 thousand, but these figures are high for the Pommies.

Obviously, there was an outcry from numerous Black Organisations expressing outrage at this “Racist” speech.

He went on to warn that, “it is dangerous to pretend anyone other than black thugs were behind soaring violence.”

He added: “We won’t stop this by pretending it isn’t young black kids doing it.

Shame, after all of these years he has finally said it.

Now, given our Governments obesssion with all things racist, how about some accurate crime statistics with racial profiles? It might make interesting reading, or are these figures not in keeping with the “demographics” of this country that the ANC keeps on bleating about?

On the subject of Blair, have a look at this hilarious website.


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