The Rich get Richer

Waiting at a bus stop at 3:30 AM this morning for my daughter, who travelled on the Greyhound from Cape Town for the Easter Holidays, I couldn’t help but notice the steady stream of overloaded, unroadworthy taxis and cars streaming past. Taxis bounced and scraped past on non-existent shock-absorbers and worn tyres, with one faint headlight peering into the darkness. Trailers bulged with luggage and presents for the folk back home.


Why would they choose to travel at this God-forsaken hour? To duck under the radar, that’s why. These cars and taxis would be pulled over and impounded if they were even seen during daylight hours. So they travel at night, thus compounding the risk.

Another example I often use, is travelling along in your car in the rain. You come across a hitchhiker drenched to the skin. You would offer him a lift, but he’d wet your nice new upholstery. If someone had given him a lift earlier, he wouldn’t be that wet, and you would probably have offered him a lift, but he wouldn’t need a lift because he’d already have got one etc etc……. So he just stands there in the rain !!

Ferrari launch a new supercar. The waiting list is 2 years long and only 10 are destined for the country. Being a man of means you order two. When they arrive you immediately sell the one at a substantial profit.


The Poor just get Poorer, the Rich get Richer, and the Miserable just get more Miserable (and wet). And the rest of us? We just stay as we are, and have another beer. Cheers !!

Quotation of the Day;

It is pretty hard to tell what does bring happiness, poverty and wealth have both failed.

Kin Hubbard


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