The Wind Jumps

Wow, that’s amazing. The blank computer screen, with the slowly blinking cursor. Amazing that in that in just short of 45 minutes it will contain something funny or sad or though-provoking. A simple click on the <Publish> botton will then send it hurtling into Cyberspace in a trail of bit’s and bytes. And do you know what? I can NEVER get it back.


I could immediately erase it, but too late. Numerous search engines would have gobbled it up. RSS feeds would have simultaneously sent it to thousands of recipients. Backups would have been made. The words, are as good as cast in stone.

Have you ever composed a carefully-worded text message, or email, to a friend, lover, partner etc. and then inadvertently sent it to the wrong recipient. Do you remember the frantic backspacing and canceling and (in my case) physically switchng the whole computer off!! Too late, you see it pop up as another number in the Sent Items box.

Now what? I suppose “digital manners” dictates that you should immediately send a message apologising and explaining the mix-up.

Language also throws up some humourous situations. I am currently corresponding with a friend in Italy. In order to impress her with my grasp of foreign languages I use a program called Babel fish. Problem is, it’s not perfect, take the following example.

I type in the English sentence;

“The weather in South Africa at this time of year is moderate. The days are warm and sunny and the nights are cool and comfortable. The wind does blow, but is neither cold and biting nor hot and humid.”

The program then converts it into the following Italian sentence;

“Il tempo in Sudafrica a questo periodo dell’anno è moderato. I giorni sono caldi e pieno di sole e le notti stia freddo e bene. Il vento salta, ma è nè freddo e mordace nè caldo ed umido.”

If I copy and paste this,and then translate it back into English, this is the result;

“The time in Sudafrica to this period of the year is moderated. The days are warm and full of sun and the nights it is cold well and. The wind jumps, but it is neither cold and mordacious neither warm and humid.”

The wind Jumps, good one !!


Quotation of the Day;

Words have a longer life than deeds.

 Pindar (522BC – 443BC)


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