Welcome to Newtopia

The objective of the next few Monday blog entries will be to map out a design for a community of the future. Factors that I have taken into account in this plan include certain assumptions. Some of these may be totally off the mark, others my personal view, but all are documented nevertheless. These are listed below;

  • Global Warming will raise sea levels and cause milder winters and much hotter summers. Extreme weather patterns will be the norm.
  • Fossil fuels will be rapidly depleted, firstly becoming exorbitantly expensive, and later unobtainable.
  • Travel will thus be far more expensive and food production localized.
  • The Internet will connect every computer, person, device and vehicle of the future.
  • First World citizens will, thanks to biotechnology, genetic engineering and medical breakthroughs live much longer.
  • Third World citizens will, because of disease, famine and conflict, live much shorter, more miserable lives.
  • Wild-caught food (mainly fish) will be unknown.
  • Land (especially farmland) will be much more expensive.
  • Most current career choices will just cease to exist.
  • Globalisation will make the world one big country with a common language, currency and culture. We will, however, be confined to smaller “ranges”.

What I aim to lay out, is a plan for a community with both personal and communal areas and responsibilities. For ease of planning, but also for economies of scale, my community will consist of a starter-size of 50 households. It will (obviously) be self-sufficient. It will be self-sustaining in the short to medium term with a planned growth plan. It is planned in such a way that a “Newtopian” purchases his/her initial share in the community, and thereafter pays no further levies, rentals or service charges.

Who do we need in our community?


The “houses” or should I say, “personal spaces” in Newtopia should be private, comfortable and spacious. They may consist of sleeping areas, cooking areas and entertainment areas, inside and outside. They may even be “self-cleaning” with surfaces, fabrics, tools and utensils that will require no washing or cleaning as at present. This will also apply to clothes that will be changed purely for variety, as they will never get dirty. The personal spaces should also be flexible, with all internal and external walls fully movable and changeable in respect of dimension, colour, shape and form. The “houses” could tilt and swivel to face the sun for solar collection or view, depending on how programmed. They could even drop right into the ground at night to save energy and provide darkness and tranquility with only the stars visible through the one-way glass roof.

Communal areas will include food-raising (farming), food preparation, child-minding, teaching, sport and recreational.

No motorized vehicles of any sort will be needed as everything will be within walking or cycling distance.

No external power, water or sewerage will be required as everything will be generated/produced from within the community.

A levy (tax) will be charged on anything brought independently into the community (eg imported food, furniture etc.) to encourage self -sufficiency.

Future blogs on this subject will include

  • Food Production.
  • Power Generation.
  • House Design.
  • Government and Finance.
  • Social Interaction.
  • Employment.

In order to plan further, I now need MANY, MANY comments this week for inclusion in the next instalment.


13 thoughts on “Welcome to Newtopia”

  1. please can some one contact me in regards to the newtopia segment im very intrested in getting involved in something back here in JHB we are also busy looking at our new office block and how to make it compleatly green IE the first green Block in South Africa


    Jason Grove

    1. Hi Kasper,

      Nothing concrete has happened yet on the Newtopia Project other than loads of research and a lot of interest shown by readers of this blog. I have found plenty of suitable land to make this dream a reality. It really just needs the people I suppose. I am currently in “skills acquiring” mode and I have learnt to do loads of different things from growing fish to vegetable farming, welding, plumbing, plastic welding, keeping chickens etc, and I am hoping to learn to make cheese and brew beer by the end of this year. If you have any special skills bring them to the table.



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