Latent Winners

The Power of Positive Thinking. That’s what they called it in the old days. These days it’s a bit more complicated. What hasn’t changed however, is the basic idea that positive thoughts and actions attract positive things. The opposite is also true.

A whole industry has developed around this idea, and there are numerous books and movies “revealing” this concept to Mr Average, the TV-watching, beer-swilling, unfit, loser stuck in a dead-end job with a disfunctional family.


The light-bulb moment happens, and he jumps up exclaiming, “Marge, this is it. This is it, this is the answer !!” The problem is, someone had to tell him this secret, and now someone is going to have to teach him how to live his dreams. Do you think he’ll achieve the promised nirvana? I don’t think so. Winners are born, it’s genetic, and while socio-economic factors play their part, winners emerge from the most impoverished circumstances.

However, our loser might just be a “latent winner“, in which case he will achieve his true potential if jolted into action. Are you a latent winner?

Random Fact : Oysters and some other bi-valve molluscs can be induced to spawn (breed) by a rapid change in water temeperature. This is the signal.

We also have signals, but we are all different. There is however, something which presses all our <reset> buttons, and that is CHANGE. Routine and security break down our adventurous spirit. The hunter is domesticated. Change however, is a great way of stepping out of our comfort zone and exploring a brave new world.

Now, I am not for a minute suggesting that we all rush off and go bungy-jumping. Nothing this radical is required. Just break the routine. Small simple steps. Change your toothpaste brand, change the timing of a meal-time, switch off the TV for a week, phone an old friend. Go away for a weekend to somewhere you’ve never been before. Leave your car at home, go by bus. Take up a sport, a hobby, join a charity.

Suddenly, the sun shines through. You can have whatever you want. Just ask for it. Remember, YOU are the centre of your universe, YOU can change it at will. Just take the first, simple steps.


Quotation of the Day;

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways that you yourself have altered.

Nelson Mandela <respect> (1918 – )


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