Chilling in Durbs

“So, how was your trip to Durbs, bru?”

“Fully man. The swell was pumping, but I’m glad to be home.”

“Why, what happened?”

“Like a dream man. Outa nowhere, these massive waves man. Awesome.”

“Did you catch a few then?”

“Aghh, just one !”

“One? You can’t be serious. you drive 900k’s in your rusted Kombi for ONE wave?”

“Ja, but it was worth it !!”


“So what was it like man?”

“Like a mountain, bru, like a mountain.”

“And long? How long did you ride it?

“Ages man, right up and into the harbour, I couldn’t get off. I just missed this big container ship. Went right over it. Stru !!”


“And then? What happened then?”

“Well I eventually got to shore and walked 10k’s to my kombi, but ir was gone man.”

“What you mean gone?”

“Well I parked it in the parking lot, but ir was just gone man.”


“Well, welcome home anyway. Have a beer.”

Quotation of the Day :

Sport is imposing order on what was chaos.

Anthony Starr


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