Early Adopters

As a child, did you bring a top to school at the height of the marble season? Did you dress in yesterdays (or was it tomorrows) fashion as a teenager? Were you one of the first to get a DSTV-decoder, Solar-powered hot water, PVR ?

Chances are, you are an “Early Adopter” An Early Adopter is a person who embraces new technology before most other people do. They are normally male, A or B Income category, with some (or lot’s) of post-school education.

Early adopters experimented with Home Automation in the 80’s, have had a solar panel on their roofs for years, and have store rooms full of unused toys.

Pity the poor wife of an Early Adopter. She has gone for days without water while “Einstein” installs the new water-collection gizmo. Lights have flickered on and off while he curses and swears his way through the wiring of the new home automation module. The garden has been awash with raw sewerage, while he installs the new bio-digester to recycle waste into methane gas for cooking.

They say that, “trail-blazers get arrows in their backs.” Does this worry the Early Adopter? Of course not. This is an ideal opportunity to test the all new, patented “Arrow-puller-outer” that he got from Verimark.

The Early Adopter has been using Linux <respect> for years. Battling and cursing his way through the most complex tasks from the Command Prompt, he has scoffed at suggestions that he just uses Windows <spit>. If it’s easy, it’s not worth doing, Just leave the easy stuff to the masses.

What is the Eraly Adopter up to at the moment? Here are some hot new fields that makes his eyes light up;

  • Hybrid cars.
  • The self-sufficient house.
  • Aquaculture (drain the swimming pool dear, we’re raising Tilapia !!)
  • Solar-powered anything.
  • Cryonics.

Oh, and there’s lot’s more. A word of warning to anyone tring to keep up with an Early Adopter, don’t even try. By next week, that “hot new thing” will be gathering dust in the garage and he’ll be off somewhere with something NEW and IMPROVED.


Quotation of the Day;

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Alan Kay


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