The good old days

My late father, Raymond <respect><respect> always said to me, “son, THESE are the good old days, THIS is the other side of the fence.” It sounded quite interesting at the time, but it is only recently that I have begun to appreciate the wisdom of his words.

In our headlong rush to the grave we hardly pause to live in the present. We “look forward” to weekends. We “can’t wait” for summer. Children want to be “older” and “bigger” We adults want to be “thinner”,”fitter”,”wealthier” These dreams are always forward-looking. The poor present is just not good enough. And when we get to this future event? Yep, you guessed it, we just look forward again.

A funny thing happens however, as one gets old (not that Synaptoman is old, I just have it on very good authority !). One almost turns, and looks backwards. Sometimes with pride for what we have achieved, mostly with regret. Regret for not doing something, not taking that chance, not buying those Anglo shares at R1.20. It has often been said, that on our deathbeds we will not regret anything that we have done in our lives, but rather we’ll regret what we didn’t do.

Life is almost like a mountain with a very sharp peak. We look forward until we reach this mystical moment in time (middle age?) and then immediately head downhill, constantly living in the past. There appears to be no plateau, no time in our lives where we treat the present as more important than the future or the past.

And this saddens me immensly. Let’s do things in the present. I am not for a minute saying that we should not plan. What I am saying, is that we should be happy with what we have, how we look, how much we’re worth. Sure, we may one day achieve all of our objectives, but we have missed out on a whole lot of living.

Remember TODAY is the most important day of your life.


Quotation of the day;

Life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans.

John Lennon (1940 – 1980)


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