OK, everybody, BLOW !!

Mad Bob Mugabe <spit><spit> of Zimbabwe is, if the media reports are to be believed, teetering on the very edge of a deep precipice. OK, everybody, BLOW !!

With his economy in tatters, and this weekends violent response to a peaceful demonstration in Harare, it can surely only be a matter of time.

Poor Mbeki. His policy of “quiet diplomacy” has been exposed on the world stage for what it is, a load of crap. While he ponces around in Saudi Arabia, he misses out on a golden opportunity to repair the immense damage his misguided approach has done to the image of our country as a beacon of human rights on this continent. Man, he is as stubborn as a mule. First AIDS denial and now this. Even Cosatu has come out strongly against the weekends events. Mbeki unfortunately speaks for all of us, and the US, EU and the rest of the World must be thinking right now that you and I are total idiots.

I suppose we’ll just have to do it for ourselves. Let’s all just do our best to condemn the situation in Zimbabwe. Let’s speak with our tongues, our pens, our keyboards, our wallets. Enough is enough.

On the other hand, as mentioned a week or two ago, this opens up huge investment opportunities. Let me tell you, when the Mugabe <spit><spit> regime topples, as it inevitably will, three things will happen;

  • Massive International Aid funds will flow into the country.
  • Most of the expats will either move back or remit foreign currency back.
  • Property rights will be re-instated and foreign direct investment will flow in.

Zimbabwe cannot, conceivably, fall any lower. Not even a Civil War is possible. the people are too hungry and tired. The only plausible scenario is a regime change.

This, in the humble opinion of Synaptoman, is the best investment opportunity Africa has ever coughed up.



On a brighter note, Synaptoman is very proud to be associated with a brilliant local initiative to uplift the most vulnerable of groups, the Street Children. Sinethemba “we have hope” is a local, Knysna NPO, which has as it’s mission, “the rehabilitation of children and youth at risk – particularly those roaming the streets.” These children are taken in, fed, clothed and taught skills like bricklaying carpentry etc.

This is, as I have pointed out more than once, exactly the target market we need to be looking at, to address the very roots of crime in this country. Let’s start with the children, give them skills and teach them respect and pride, and we are half way there to solving the crime problem. PLEASE, help these people. Even the smallest donation will be greatly appreciated.


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