Live from the Feeding Trough

Let me list in order of importance (according to Synaptoman) the most pressing issues in South Africa right now;


Crime is affecting every citizen of this country, and ordinary, law-abiding people are trapped in a state of siege. Every business, social and travel decision has to take into account the “crime” factor. And we want to host the Soccer World Cup in 2010? What a joke. Crime also includes white-collar crime, fraud and corruption. This cancer has spread to every corner of this fair country. Even our MPs in Parliament have faced criminal chrges for abusing their travel allowances.


Note I write HIV/Aids, not HIV + Aids as our denialist Minister of Health <spit> and President do. Wake up, HIV/Aids is one disease, we’ve got to stop having unprotected sex and if we catch it, be treated with proven ARV’s, not mumbo-jumbo garlic and African Potato. This is the AIDS Capital of the World (and Murder Capital and Rape Capital and… oh, don’t bother.)


Switch off the lights (Eskom, you’re good at that, just do it), send in a Peace-Keeping force (we’re very good at this, half our Defence force is outside of the country) and let’s have a regime change (heeeeeha). Mugabe <spit> <spit> is a despot. Quiet Diplomacy is a farce. This country is dragging the whole region down. Let’s do something, NOW.

Affirmative Action.

In its current form it amounts to racial discrimination, is unconstitutional, and is an insult to both Blacks and Non-Blacks. Scrap it, NOW.

Negative Attitudes

You didn’r see this one coming, did you? Let’s stop whining and moaning. Let’s get off of our arses and do something. Let’s be part of the solution, instead of booing from the sidelines. It’s easy to be critical, not so easy to make things work.

OK, so what is the answer?

We like to think that we voters make the decisions, but in reality the real decisions are made by the President and his Cabinet Ministers. Member of Parliament just vote along party lines, abuse their travel allowances, and grow enormous from all the food they get in the Parliament feeding trough.

The ordinary South African likes;

  • His/her Cellphone.
  • Fast Food.
  • Reality/Game Shows on SABC 1.
  • The Lotto.

Why don’t we use all of these elements to start making changes in this country. What, have you gone MAD?

Get Kentucky Fried Chicken to sponsor a weekly reality program featuring Cabinet Ministers. Let them answer questions from a live studio audience. Let them spell out what they do, and what their goals and objectives are. We at home will vote furiously on our cellphones, our approval or disapproval for them. Let them go away, and then report back to us with verifiable facts a few months later. A sort of “Extreme Makeover” During this time let’s send along a TV crew to film, for the nation, exactly what they do. We’ll have a weekly update on their progress and we’ll vote some more. “Remember, the more you vote, the more chances you have of winning the Grand Prize.” Give away a couple of million, and let’s see if they perform any better in the glare of the lights.

Just an idea !

Todays Quotation

When I invented the Web, I didn’t have to ask anyone’s permission.
Tim Berners-Lee on Net Neutrality


3 thoughts on “Live from the Feeding Trough”

  1. There is a difference between being positive and doing positive and unfortunately there is not too much doing being done.

    Are there any solutions?

    Nice to see someone else in town who is net enthusiastic.

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