Invisible Walls

Anti-smoking legislation is starting to gain traction worldwide, and right here in South Africa we are at the forefront of these, sometimes extreme, laws. Now let me, from the outset, say that I don’t smoke, that I believe that it is a major cause of premature death, and severely restricts the smokers quality of life, as well as that of those around him.

I recently, out of necessity, sat in one of those glass cubicles in the “Smoking Section” of a restaurant, peering out through burning eyes at the “normals” in the “Non-Smoking” section. I was surrounded by folk intent on getting their money’s worth, as they lit up cigarette after cigarette, almost as if to re-enforce their right to smoke.

I thought to myself, surely there is an easier way to seperate the smokers from the non-smokers? This must cost the restaurants a fortune and really stuffs up the ambience. My thoughts ran to round “space-helmets” which the smokers wore while smoking which filtered the air before expelling it. But then they’d have to take it off to eat…


Then the “light-bulb” moment happened. Of course, still seperate them but the walls will be invisible.

The idea for my new company Invisible Walls was born.

Have you ever entered a department store and suddenly walked from the warm outside into arctic cold inside. How do they achieve this without all of the nice cold air escaping through the massive open door? Yes, I know, the cold air doesn’t escape, the warm air rushes in, but the principle is the same.

They achieve this by using really strong central airconditionng AND by installing, what is called an air-curtain above each door. An air-curtain blows a sheet of ice cold air downwards from a unit mounted above the door, thus trapping the cold air inside and the hot air outside. It looks like this;


But how would this work to separate smokers from non-smokers? Easy. Mount two units on the ceiling across a normal door or arch in the restaurant about 200mm apart both blowing down. Between these two units mount a strong extractor sucking air up and venting it out, Any air from outside or inside the demarcated area which happened to enter this space would immediately be vented out. Voila, an invisble wall.


And remember, you heard it first from Synaptoman.

Quotation of the Day;

The only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance. Socrates


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