In the Land of the Blind.

I’ve spent a few hours there recently. Lost my shirt early, and spent a while trying to find it. Oh, and also trying to start a car. Make that three cars, and a sort of electric stand-on scooter. No problem finding or getting into the car, but then I just sit there.

A total stranger came up to me, handed me a dollar, and then rushed away. A man from Holland wandered around aimlessly amongst us, stark naked, and clearly oblivious to the fact. Said he had been sent there by his company to open a branch. Many Dutch companies are opening branches there, and quite a few countries now have fully functional embassies. When I pointed out his state of undress to him, he flew off. I came across him later asking people (and rats) how to find his clothes. I at least still have my jeans on. In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is King.

Met a girl from Germany. She was also having trouble starting the cars. Swopped places, with me in the car, and her sitting on the roof, but still no joy. Tried another car, while she sat on one of the many rats in the middle of the road. She seems to know how to sit. I can “sit” and “go there”. She wants to buy an island eventually. Never got her name, so I probably won’t be invited to her island when she gets one. She was also sent by her company. Why would they want an island? I have one dollar so far. She brought quite a lot of cash with her.

Spent a while trying to extricate myself from a window that I had flown into. My arm was inside the building and my body outside. (two stories up !!) This took a while, and eventually I landed back on the road.

I’ve tried to change my appearance, with limited results. I have dark brown skin and long wavy hair of the identical colour, oh and a unibrow. At least I am wearing a pair of jeans.

“Orientation Island” it’s called, but even at this early stage, I can see that I’m going to spend a while here.


The place is called Second Life. It’s a virtual world and has millions of residents. These are real people, who log onto the Internet and “live” another life in Second Life.

Years ago I visualised a 3-dimensional Internet. A place where a company web page was actually a shop that you walked into, browsed, bought things and had them delivered to your actual Outernet address. Well, it’s here. Construction is going on at a massive pace. Property prices are booming. And yes, property cost you real money. Credit Card or Paypal. The currency is called a Linden Dollar and you can freely exchange your currency at any time. You can also earn Linden Dollars by selling goods or services in Second Life.

In August 2006, Suzanne Vega became the first major recording star to perform live in Second Life avatar form.

Remember, you heard it first from Synaptoman.



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