A ray of light.

Wow, it really feels great to bring you good news regarding our war on crime here in South Africa. One of my regular readers (well surely he reads the blog, right?), Eastern Cape Safety and Security MEC, Thobile Mhlahlo, obviously took to heart what I had to say in my blog entry of 9 February 2007. The New, Improved, Total Onslaught.

In this entry I suggested that we concentrate on the children in our war on crime. Well, Mr Mhlahlo took this suggestion one proactive step forward and took a group of children on a tour of the St Albans prison in Port Elizabeth, to demonstrate that prison is no 5-star hotel, despite the frenzied media hype around the Yengeni and Shaik cases.

While I have been accused of being a bitter and biased critic of the inept handling of the crime “situation” in this country, I believe that without encouragement and acknowledgment, initiatives of this nature will go unnoticed.

Pupils from “problem” schools were introduced to prison life, and I’m sure went away with a strong resolve to avoid crime (or getting caught) at all costs. How about a similar exercise for ALL schools? Pupils from more privileged schools will probably be more likely to commit what we commonly refer to as, “white-collar” crime. The result, however, will be exactly the same, prison.

Mr Mhlahlo, I applaud you. Your small initiative could yield massive, positive results, if the momentum could just be maintained.


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