Tick, tick, tick

What fascinated me during my Accounting and Auditing studies (stop yawning in the back row there), was the sudden realisation that everything was in perfect symmetry.

We had been taught in science that energy (matter) could not be created, but merely converted from one form to another. But hold on, this applied to accounting as well. Wealth cannot, despite what the Financial Advisers say, be created. For me to get wealthier someone, or something must be getting poorer.

What I think would be pretty cool, would be a portable device (watch, cellphone, PDA) that would display, second by second, your net worth. The financial and tax years, that we have created, are totally artificial. We are getting wealthier, or poorer, second by second, and best of all, it can be measured. The technology is in place to calculate this number in real-time and display it.


Have you ever been to the population clock. ?

This clock displays the current world population (6.6 Billion) as it increases at about 2 or 3 people per second !!. You can then select any other year in the past or the future and it will give you the population then. There are many of these clocks. They work on statistical estimates, and are then corrected when new data comes to hand.

My wealth clock will be similar. You are getting poorer as you pay interest, consume electricity, use your cellphone, drive your car (petrol, servicing, tyres). You get richer as you earn interest, as your house increases in value, as you work and get paid a salary and as your share portfolio increases. All factors affecting your wealth will be estimated second by second, and then corrected as this new data comes to hand. It certainly isn’t rocket science to write the program to calculate this number and send it to you..

This begs the question. If the population is inceasing, and if we all appear to be getting wealthier (some MUCH more than others), who, or what, is getting poorer???

The answer? THE EARTH. Our environment is not a bottomless pit. A correction is overdue, and when it comes it will reverse a few million years of civilisation as we know it.

Tick, tick, tick.


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