Shock and Horror

Wow, talk about breaking news? Racism is alive and well and still living in South Africa (where else?).

Look what I’ve just found.

White Lawyers Association Company Profile

The White Lawyers Association (“WLA””) represents approximately 900 white legal professionals and 300 legal students. It is a voluntary association whose objectives include the support and development of white lawyers and the provision of legal education and services to the white community. It is a representative voice for white legal professionals in South Africa and it administers various programs to support its constituency. Its programs include providing continuous legal education, placing qualified law students and providing salary subsidies to assist firms in employing candidate attorneys.

How dare they? Our shiny new Constitution frowns on this type of Association. In the Founding Provisions 1(b), we are promised non-racialism and non-sexism. What is going on here?

Oops, sorry, I seem to have made a bit of a typo in my excitement. I’ve replaced the word “black” with “white”. How silly of me. The Association in question is actually called the Black Lawyers Association

And they are not alone. There are a host of associations reserved (if not in word, but in deed) exclusively for black people. They all belong to the Black Business Council

I wonder (naughty, naughty) what would happen if the whiteys started forming these sort of associations? And if they did, why would it be frowned upon if the precedent has already been set by our brothers?



2 thoughts on “Shock and Horror”

  1. The point is once again verified that the “New SA” is not one of equality, but merely of reverse apartheid!

    Funny thing (wierd, not haha), is that the same people who promised a land of impartiality are themselves the architects and perpetuators of this fine deception. Naturally their electorate think that they are the best thing since sliced bread.

    My greatest concern is that most whiteys seem very complacent to this fact. Why is it that if one had to offer employment for “whites only” they would be liable for prosecution, yet adverts marked “affirmitive action appointment”, which mean don’t bother applying if you are not black, are not only condoned, but are commonplace?

    This leaves 2 questions:
    Why ARE whites so complacent? and What can be done to try and alter this “unlevel playing field”?


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