Politics. Religion and Sex

The three no-no’s in polite conversation. Politics, Religion and Sex.

While I cannot fathom, for even a minute, why hundreds of ordinary people in the “Outernet” would start their day by reading this drivel, the statistics do not lie. While I appreciate this support, I am rather upset that WordPress haven’t had any Government Agencies demanding my identity. I’ve had no death threats from Islamic Fundamentalist Groups and the Black Lesbian Alliance of Paraplegics (BLAP) haven’t fire-bombed my house yet.

The reason? Simple, I haven’t been controversial, and I haven’t pissed off any group enough yet to raise any heckles. Safe, sterile, non-aggresive, polite commentary.

WELL, all that is about to change. There a few controversial issues that I need to get off my chest before I settle down and smugly comment on the passing parade that someone, long ago named “Life”.


Let’s stick to South African politics to save time. Here are my unbiased (?) views.

Do you yourself a huge favour.

Read Animal Farm by George Orwell again. animalfarm.jpg

“All citizens of this great Rainbow Nation are EQUAL.” Yeah right. In the words of Orwell, “……but some or more EQUAL than others.”

Afrikaner Nationalism has been replaced by Black Nationalism.

White Racialism has been replaced by Black Racialism.

Even the poor Coloureds (not so-called coloureds, for God’s sake, get a spine) are not “black enough” to be considered for most top jobs.

BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) enriches a few fat cats, over, and over, again. How much longer are the “previously-disadvantaged” going to need affirmative action to catch up? I would consider it a huge insult to be a black sportsman or graduate and be given a position based on anything other than merit. Don’t they see it that way? Don’t they care? Don’t they have any pride?

Previously, in job advertisements the term “previously-disadvantsged” was used to reserve the job for this group. Have you noticed lately that nobody bothers. Job Reservation ala 2007 just blatantly says, “This position is reserved for Blacks, if you are any other flavour don’t even bother to apply, as you won’t even be considered.”

In Television Advertising, have you noticed that the street-savvy or sophisticated character is always Black? The bumbling idiot, talking about “M3P’s” and “Britney Housten” is always a paunchy, balding, white male. Haha, let’s create another racial stereotype and sign up another thousand cell phone contracts,

Am I the only one who thinks that the current dispensation is wrong? For heavens sake, I’ll say it,



Religion is a man-made institution to comfortably cocoon the masses from the stark reality and inevitability of DEATH.” Synaptoman 2007.

Please hold me back on this subject. As a control mechanism, I have no problem with religion. Without a set of morals and values, anarchy would prevail. The sheep need a sheep-dog, the cripple needs a crutch.

Christian Fundamentalists are NOT the other side of the Islamic Fundamentalist coin. They are exactly the same side. Creation Theorists who spurn Evolution and maintain that the world, as we know it, WAS created in 6 ordinary days of 24 hours, firmly believe this rubbish. Billions of people have lost their lives (prematurely) because one religious faction or another uses violence to enforce their views.

Religion is big business and there is plenty of money to be made from the naive and the gullible.



Sex is very good for you, and you should have as much of it as possible, preferably with the same person. If the same person is not always available, then wait, and if you can’t wait, then at least use a condom. Simple hey ?

Some Quotes for the day;

“I’m too shy to express my sexual needs except over the phone to people I don’t know” Garry Shandling.

“Life is a sexually transmitted disease” R.D. Laing

“Women need a reason to have sex, men just need a place” Billy Chrystal.


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