The new, improved “Total Onslaught”

Fact : The crime situation is out of control in South Africa.

Fact : Ordinary South Africans are as sick and tired of the ongoing debate and finger-pointing with regards to crime, as they are with the crime itself. We just want action now.

Fact : Mbeki does not read every letter sent to him. HELLO, he’s a busy man you know?

What we need is a radical change in attitude. What we need is for each and every one of us to look very closely at our own behaviour and those around us, and act.

The speed limit is 60km/h, why are we travelling at 72km/h? If you think that the limit is too low, rather try and get it changed.

What about littering? Yes, I’ve heard all the arguments that this is the least of our problems, but a person who has no respect for the environment around him probably has no respect for people around him, including their possessions, physical welfare, and for that matter, their lives.
Start with the small issues and the small people, the big issues and the big people will follow.”

The informer system works well, and with the greed and instant gratification mind-set firmly entrenched in South Africa, let’s make it REALLY worth their while to spill the beans. Unlicenced firearms are a case in point. Offer a R50 000 cash reward to anyone reporting someone in possession of an unlicenced automatic weapon, and then make the penalties very severe, 20 years in prison without any “Yengeni” treatment. This way we’ll remove one criminal AND one weapon for a one-off payment of R50 000.

If the Poilce Force are not coping, disband them and privatise the function. I would sooner trust my security company in an emergency than the Police.

By the way, what the hell is the Defence Force doing? Get them all back into the country at once. We have a crisis here, we haven’t got the time or the resources to be pussy-footing around Africa on peace-keeping missions. Put them to work patrolling our townships, suburbs and shopping malls. If, on the off-chance, we are attacked by one of our neighbours, we could easily re-deploy one or two of them.

As far as the causes of crime are concerned. Let’s stop making excuses. These are thugs and would choose a life of crime in the most developed of nations. We have far less poverty in South Africa than the rest of the continent, yet our crime rate is the highest, by far. Blaming socio-economic circumstances is a cop-out. Jail them and keep them in jail. Let them work, and work hard. Pay them for their work, so that their fanilies aren’t also punished, and so that the victims can somehow be compensated.

Less crime will mean more foreign direct investment, which in turn will mean more prosperity for the nation as a whole. This will eliminate the socio-economic excuse completely. But we’ve just got to get to this point first.

Lastly, let’s really try and influence the children, and instill in them a pride in themselves, the environment, and those around them. As parents and teachers we have a huge responsibilty. Let’s reign in this rampaging monster, tame it, and move forward in peace and prosperity.

Our fight against crime reminds me of a quote by Winston Churchill;

“Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm “


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