Urban Armpits

What are you planning for your retirement years? A spot of gardening? Some charity work? Visiting the grand-children?

Let me share a little plan of mine with you. I would like to travel the country photographing houses in “Urban Armpits”. Stop, don’t rush off and Google the word, I’m not sure if it even exists. [Checked, has been used before but not in this context]

Then I’d like to interview the people who live there (without getting mugged) and find out why they selected that particular house. I’ll then compile a glossy coffee-table book that will sell millions. Yeah right.

So what is an “Urban Armpit”? Have you every travelled along a freeway, taken an off-ramp, and there below you, where the off-ramp meets the freeway….

That, by my definition, if it is populated, is an “Urban Armpit

Here is an example near Mossel Bay, South Africa.


Now, lets think logically here. Firstly, why would a Developer build a townhouse complex here? Lack of other land, price, Municipal incentives? Who knows?

Secondly, what type of person would buy the unit right at the end that fits neatly into the smelly part? That is what intrigues me, and that is what I want to find out.

Maybe they’re Exhibitionists. Maybe they are soothed by the constant rumbling of traffic, and the sound of screeching brakes and breaking glass. Maybe they like “living on the edge” Maybe they’re Conservationists, doing their bit in conserving productive agricultural land from being swallowed up by urban sprawl. Maybe they just can’t afford anything else. So many “maybe’s”.

But just remember, I coined the phrase !!

Quote for the day : A good listener is a good talker with a sore throat.
R.I.P. Trevor Large, cheers my old friend.

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