Tshwane, we have a problem.

“Mr President, we have a bit of a situation.”

“Can’t you see I’m busy on the Internet, what is it?”

“Well Sir, it’s thees Bok Van Blerk”

“Who the hell is Bok Van Blerk?”

“He’s written thees song sir”

“What song?”

“DeLaRey, sir. everyone says its a call to arms

“Calling who?”

“The boers sir”

“Didin’t we beat them in 1994?”

“Yes sir, but apparently they’re plotting sir”

“Mmmm, does he work at FNB?”

“No sir, he’s an Afrikaans singer”

“OK, put Yengeni onto it, we have to use him for something”


Read what all the fuss is about at The Sunday Times

Watch the video before it’s banned at You Tube

More importantly, read what is being said in comments. Wow, have we been missing something, or what? Better stock up on bottled water and tinned food.


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