The dog ate my Homework.

Surely it’s out there somewhere? If not, it should be. A little portable device, it could even be integrated into a cellphone. The Random Excuse Generator. (REG).

It could work as follows;

Just type in a few key words and press the button. Here are a few examples;

Key words : late payment, account, R200 <Enter>

“I would have settled your account of R200 earlier, but unfortunately I made an impulsive donation towards the Yengeni braai”

Key words : anniversary, 25th, forgot, deep trouble <Enter>

“I am giving this letter to my best friend Bob, wishing you a very Happy Anniversary. Hopefully the idiot will remember to get it to you on the 25th”

Key words : homework, forgot, busy, playstation.<Enter>

“Dear Madam, I am sorry I cannot hand in my homework. As I finished, the dog ate it”


Handy hey? What would you use it for?


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