Tips for Trevor

I thought I’d share my “Tips for Trevor” with you.  I have submitted to the Treasury and Moneyweb for public comment.

Mr Manuel,

Quick and easy.  Scrap all taxes, direct and indirect.  Budget what our requirements are as a country and raise the revenues by a fixed percentage of all bank (all financial institutions) transactions, cheques, deposits, withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, internet transfers etc.  The following points are of relevance;

  • The banking system has the technology to calculate this value and pay over to the treasury daily.
  • Costs of collection – ZERO
  • Tax Evasion – ZERO.
  • The more you earn, (the more you bank), the more you pay.
  • All money eventually finds it’s way into our banking system and will attract tax.
  • It is painless,fair and equitable.
  • I think it will be a world first and we should attract more foreign direct investment.
  • Most of all it is SIMPLE.

Keep up the good work, we are right behind you.

Kevin Cuthbert


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