Synaptomen and the Outernet (continued)

Picture this. You live in the UK. You are considering an investment in a Brazilian manufacturing company. In your research you have Google’d the company’s name. The results are as follows;

  • The company website.
  • A directory listing from a Brazilian telephone directory.
  • A press story regarding some contract obtained three years ago.

This is the sum total of what the Internet can offer you. Short of travelling thousands of miles to visit the site, you are still in the dark. Even then, language and cultural barriers will make information gathering difficult. You’d like to take your enquiries further, but you’ve hit a brick wall. What now?

The Outernet

An “Outernet” plug-in for your search engine will also automatically send your enquiry to one or more Synaptomen who live within a few miles of the company in question. It is quite possible that they have friends or family working at the factory or have had business dealings with the factory. An hour or so later your Inbox fills with detailed, inside information regarding the company. You realize that the company is a scam and save yourself millions.

Science Fiction? Far from it. The tools and technology to put in place a network of this nature are freely available. All that is required is to recruit and co-ordinate the Synaptomen, the business is out there and amounts to billions of dollars.


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