Synaptomen and the Outernet

Notes from 2:00 AM this morning…………………..

The Outernet

How a Google Search currently works

(a) Your Computer
(b) Your Network (Intranet)
(c) Router
(d) Internet (h) Router (i) Answer Network (j) Answer Computer
(e) Router
(f) Google Network (Intranet)
(g) Google Computer

You do a search a,b,c,d,e,f,g
Google returns a result(s) g,f,e,d,c,b,a
You go to the result a,b,c,d,h,i,j


Not always relevant (you asked the wrong question)
Not always current (info might be 10 or more years old)
Not complete (only what is found on the Internet is displayed)
Too many results are displayed (most users only review the first page of results)

You are not looking for someone who knows all of the answers, you are looking for someone who knows what questions to ask.” Synaptoman (C) 2006

What % of knowledge is stored on the Internet? 5%?, 10%?
How can we design a Search Engine to get to the remaining 90-95%.?
Where is this information? (b) People (b) Places other than the Internet eg libraries, archives etc.


What should the attributes be of this Outernet Search Engine (OSE)

  • Speed – we must get the info quickly (if not at Google Speeds at least within an hour)
  • Accuracy – it must be accurate.
  • Relevance – it must be current, summarised and relevant.

An Information Army
Knowledge (and the means to acquire knowledge) is POWER

SYNAPTOMEN are the “people power” that will make up the Outernet.
The objective is to cover the civilised world with Synaptomen.

Who will these people be? We would need to know the following to add them to our network.

  • Where are you? What area can you physically cover in say, 1 hr?
  • Male or Female? May not be relevant.
  • Any specialised knowledge? Masters, PhD.
  • Broadband connection and cell phone?
  • Age? Transport? Language? (English) But translators may be necessary.

How would these Synaptomen be paid? Per hr + expenses?
How would we charge for the information? Per hr + expenses or for type of information.

A Neural Network = Hardware -> Software -> Wetware (brains)


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