Name them, and shame them

Picture the scene.

You’re driving behind a car. From the passenger window a little head pops out. Blonde hair blows in the wind and a little hand waves at pedestrians. Shrieks of laughter pierce the hot summers day. Dad brakes frantically for a taxi that has jumped a red robot. A minor fender-bender? Yes, nothing major, except for one small detail, or should I rather say casualty. The little girl, no older than three, lies broken and twisted in the intersection, a small pool of blood forming around her little body.

A preventable death? Absolutely. Why then does one see small children standing, unrestrained, on car seats or sitting on mother’s lap? Why do parents allow small children to hang precariously out of car windows? Why do they seem so shocked when an accident happens? Our children are so precious. Please buckle them up securely on the back seat.

BUT BETTER STILL, bring these dangerous situations to their attention, hoot, flash your lights, roll down your window and tell them to buckle their children up. Save a little life.

If you live in South Africa, please take down the registration number and send to me as a comment. I promise to find out who these people are and name them and shame them on this blog and then report them to the Traffic Authorities and Child Welfare.

Please, let’s stop the carnage on our roads, at least as far as the children are concerned. Forward this blog to as many friends as you can, and let’s do something.

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